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Bornholm WIM 2013

Bornholms Skakklub
26. februar 2020
Shared winners: Ioana-Smaranda Paduranu and Anna Gasik


Østre Skole
Østre Skole, Pingelsalle 31, 3700 Rønne

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Lars Grahns Blog


Now three again in shared lead

Ilena lost to Lili in round 8
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
In round seven Ilena had beaten Kanwal and Lili had lost to Esmat, and it seemed clear that Ilena would take the victory in the tournament.

But in round eight Lili took a whole point from Ilena and once again three players shared the lead: Ilena and Lili and Anna that took half a point from Maria.

Before the last round the end result is still open, but I think that Anna has the best chance of beeing number one, although Jens Ove and Esmat protested, when I told them.
Verner Christensen 7. juli 2013

+ Still shared lead - but now only two

Fast draw between Lili and Anna
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
After fridays two rounds (5 and 6) Ilena and Lili share the lead with 4½ point. Ioana-Smaranda and Anna follow with 4 points.

In round 6 Lili and Anna had a peaceful agreement after approx. 10 moves, and Ilena catched Lili in the lead with a victory over Kanwal.

It is dificult to tell who the winner would be, but I think Ilena will take first price after sundays game. She has played solid, and have had the overhand in several draw-games.
Verner Christensen 6. juli 2013

+ Ilena, Klaudia and Lili in lead

Ilena (right) in shared lead by a victory
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
The girls are still fighting - only one draw in round four - and that after 47 moves.

Klaudia was part of the draw-game, and she was caught by Lili with her third successive victory and Ilena who beat Ioana-Smaranda.

Klaudia has good chances for a WIM-norm. (6 points)
Verner Christensen 5. juli 2013

+ King to g2 = victory

All ten girls before start of round four
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
In round three a funny incident happened. Ilena moved her King to g2 and Maria resigned. Lili moved her King to g2 and Kanwal resigned.


After round three Ioana-Smaranda and Klaudia have 2½ followed by Lili and Ilena with 2 points.

Before round three a picture of all participents were taken.
Verner Christensen 4. juli 2013

+ Suitcase and 50-moves draw

Lili victorious in round two
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
In round two we had three victories: maria vs. Kanwal, Lili vs. Oksana and Klaudia vs. Sandra. And therefore Klaudia are the only player with 2 points.

Esmat and Ilena had a very long game (121 moves) which after reconstruction/calculation ended in a draw due to the 50-moves paragraf.

But the happiest player was no doubt Lille who beside a full point also was told that her suitcase was situated and it was also sunshine.

Lilis suitcase was on a long journey from Copenhagen to Ronne, as it had a visit in Wienna.
Verner Christensen 3. juli 2013

+ Girl power

Klaudia Wisniowska first winner of the tournament
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
Alle the girls were ready when Bornholm WIM 2013 was started at 6 p.m. monday.
Only missing was Lillis suitcase, which was not on the plane from Copenhagen.

Five hard fought games with two decisions and thre draws. Klaudia was the first winner against Lille, and soon after Ioana-Smaranda had beaten Sandra.
Verner Christensen 3. juli 2013

+ Most of players arrived monday

Anna, Klaudia and Maria arrives in Hasle
Foto: Verner Christensen ©
By the ferry from Polen Ilena, Klaudia, Anna and Maria came to Nexø monday noon. Ilena was accompaied by her husband GM Kransenkov.
In the evening Esmat - with her husband Jens Ove Fries Nielsen - and Ioana-Smaranda came by the ferry from Sweden.
To day the last players shall arrive by ferry and airplane.

The playing hall has been prepared for play.

Now the game just need to start, that shall be at 18.00 tuesday evening.
Verner Christensen 2. juli 2013

+ Drawing of lots
Drawing of lots can be seen in the Menu TABLE
Per Rasmussen 28. juni 2013

+ Drawing of lots
Drawing of lots for the tournament will be performed Friday June 28 and will be published at. 12.00 Danish time
Per Rasmussen 27. juni 2013

+ Bornholm WIM og Bornholm Sommer Skak 2013
Så er feltet til Bornholm WIM 2013 faldet på plads, lige nu ligger de med et snit på 2125, og hvis tallene holder når der kommer nye ELO tal 1 juli, så vil kravet være 6 point for en WIM norm.
Turneringen starter tirsdag d. 2 juli og alle 5 partier forventes at blive vist live, ved hjælp af det trådløse udstyr og liveboards som KKSA har.
Torsdag aften slutter deltagerne i Bornholms Sommer Skak sig til, disse spille 6 runder fra torsdag til søndag.
Også her forventes at der er nogle partier vises live
Per Rasmussen 22. juni 2013

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